Top 15 Crypto Pump-and-Dump Groups

30. January, 2024

Top 15 Crypto Pump-and-Dump Groups

Are you looking for ways to generate quick money and interested in trading cryptocurrencies? Well, you might have stumbled upon this thing called pump-and-dump crypto groups. Sounds interesting, right? 

Many groups are advertised online, but are they real?

In this article, we’ll shine a light on what these are all about. We’ll also provide you with the top 15 pump-and-dump groups. So read through the end. 


Before going to the main course, let’s first discuss what the pump-and-dump group is. 

Pump-and-dump groups are like people who manipulate cryptocurrency prices. It’s a bit like the wild west of the market, where there are no rules. The prices can go up and down dramatically, and it’s a playground for those who let their emotions guide their decisions.

A “pump” is when a cryptocurrency’s value suddenly shoots up really fast, like a rocket. It gets everyone excited because they think they can make a lot of money. But then there’s the “dump,” which is the opposite. It’s when that same cryptocurrency’s value crashes down really quickly, hitting rock bottom. It’s like being on a rollercoaster ride with the cryptocurrency’s value going up and down, but instead of just enjoying the ride, it affects your money.


They team up to buy a ton all at once, making it look like it’s the next big thing. Then, they rope in other investors who get all excited and jump on the bandwagon, sending the price through the roof. But wait for it—here’s the kicker. Right when the price hits its peak, these guys sell off everything they’ve got. 

Now, straight-up, pump and dumps groups are shady stuff, ethically speaking. But here’s the twist – despite the moral fuzziness, you could end up with a fat wallet if you’re smart about it. 

Pump-and-dump groups can make big profits if they’re skilled. But it’s a disappointment for those who can’t sell their crypto in time. Your crypto’s value goes down, and in the worst case, it might even crash because everyone’s panicking and selling.


You’ll find them chatting away on popular messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord. They have their own setup where they discuss and strategize – like having a clubhouse for plotting and taking action.

And here’s the interesting part – they have a whole system in place to casually chat, exchange information, and plan their next steps. Imagine it as their secret hideout where they come up with plans and stir things up in the world of cryptocurrency.


Now that you are aware of how pump-and-dump groups work let’s examine the top 15 crypto pump-and-dump groups, which you should cautiously try!

Sharks in Pump

Sharks in Pump stands out as one of the biggest crypto-focused telegram groups, boasting a following of over 26.6k members. They roll out weekly pump-and-dump signals for Binance and Huobi. While a few signals are complimentary, those in the VIP crew who’ve paid up get treated to 5-10 signals known for their impressive success rate.

Big Pump Binance

Big Pump Binance is the real deal, the only crew with actual whales running the show. The crypto scene is all hyped up about the upcoming Crypto Surge – you know, those moments that bring in big bucks. You won’t catch anyone else getting close to the trading action they bring in their pumps.  

This crypto pump-and-dump group is making waves on Binance, Kucoin, Mexc, and Bybit – they’re hitting all the hotspots. And get this: their Telegram crew is rocking a solid 116.8k members. 

That’s a legit crowd, right? But their crypto pump-and-dump signals game is on fire, boasting a crazy 99% accuracy. So keep your ears to the ground, turn on those notifications, and stay in the loop with Big Pumps Binance. They’ve got the lowdown on all the pump and dump alerts.

Wall Street Gems

Let me put you on Wall Street Gems all the way from Washington, DC. They operate on Binance, Kucoin, and Mexc, so you know they’re playing with the big people. If you jump into their Telegram world, you’ll find 83.4k subscribers—that’s a legit squad right there. They’re not claiming to be perfect, but their pump-and-dump signal game hits an impressive 84% accuracy.

With the market catching some serious vibes, it’s prime time for the next Mega Pump fiesta, promising returns that can shoot up to a crazy 500% or more. 

Heads up – if you’re all about the market game, keep those notifications on high alert for their channel. They’ve got some real updates coming your way real soon.

Bitcoin Bullets

We’ve got Bitcoin Bullets on the list, straight out of Moscow. This crypto pump-and-dump group is playing the game on Binance and Kucoin.

Imagine rolling with a whopping Telegram 50k subscribers. When it comes to their pump-and-dump, Bitcoin Bullets is hitting the mark with an impressive 87% accuracy. Bitcoin Bullets ain’t your usual crypto pump-and-dump group – what sets them apart is they’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re a total “noob” or a “hedge fund manager” in the making.

The daily analysis and market update by itself far outperforms the majority of other trading channels on Telegram in terms of structure.

Mega Pump Group

Another group worth checking out is – Mega Pump Group. This massive crew on Telegram has a solid 75.5k+ subscribers. They’re the ones pulling the strings for pumps over on Binance. 

And get this: they’re all about sharing the trading know-how for free. Plus, they’ve got an open forum where members can shoot questions, swap ideas, and just vibe together. This ensures that everyone’s in the know.

Prime Trading Signals ©

Next on the list is Prime Trading Signals © – this pump-and-dump group also operates on Binance, Kucoin, Mexc, and OKX. They’re hitting all the hotspots in the trading game. Even their Telegram squad has over 26.5k members – that’s a legit crypto community right there. 

However, the true standout feature lies in their signal accuracy, which reaches an astounding 98%. This accomplishment is not merely generating buzz; it is effectively delivering highly precise signals, making a substantial impact.

Crypto Pump Club

Next on the list is Crypto Pump Club, a pump-and-dump group that knows how to deliver quality over quantity. They don’t overwhelm you with a flood of information. Instead, they focus on sharing 1–2 absolute GEMS every month. 

They’re making their mark on Mexc, Kucoin, and Binance. With a massive 236k subscribers, their pump-and-dump signal game is on another level, boasting an incredible 99.7% accuracy. Yes, you read that right.

Here’s the inside scoop on Crypto Pump Club – they provide their members with insider information and signals, aiming for quick gains. But here’s the thing – you’ll need to pay a subscription fee to get in on the action. The large number of members suggests that there’s potential for coordinated price manipulation, but it also means it can be more challenging for members to turn a profit.

Crypto Hotbit Pumps

Crypto Hotbit Pump is popular with their synchronized crypto “flash mobs.” A coordinated group of traders buy a specific coin at pre-announced times, causing a rapid price surge (“pump”). This lightning-fast strategy has pulled off crazy 1000% pumps, attracting beginners and veterans alike.

But before you join, be prepared for a high-velocity, high-risk environment. Hotbit Pumps are volatile; what goes up fast can come down even quicker. Potential manipulation adds another layer of risk, so thorough research and understanding are crucial.


CoinCodeCap might be the new kid on the block when it comes to signal providers, but keep that from fooling you. They’ll keep you in the loop with all things crypto through their educational platform and bring you the latest news in the crypto world. Backed up by Coinmonks, these seasoned traders analyze the market to serve up some killer crypto trading signals. 

Since the beginner, all their signals are up for grabs for free (for a limited time). Just hop on their Telegram channel, and you’ll be enjoying the perks of premium crypto signals without the price tag. 

CoinCodeCap also keeps you updated with blogs on Coinmonks and their platform, dishing out knowledge about how to trade. Whether you’re into charts, market trends, expert insights, or real-time tracking of NFT projects, they’re all out.


OnwardBTC‘s helps both beginners and experts trade crypto successfully. They’ve built a top-notch community with their wealth of crypto knowledge and years of experience. Their signals, backed by technical analysis, come with the added power of 24/7 trading bots. 

What’s cool is that you can try their content for FREE for 30 days! Just open a Bybit account through their link, load some cash, and enjoy a free PREMIUM month. 

No rush; take your time to explore everything before deciding to be part of the OnwardBTC crew. They’ve got an automated trading system on Telegram, letting traders kick back while their bots handle the trading grind. 

Joining OnwardBTC means joining a community of savvy traders getting market insights, analysis, and access to 24/7 trading bots – it’s a win-win!

Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders is another go-to group. They’re top dogs in the field, offering top-notch signals and analysis. More than just profit, they aim to make your crypto journey a complete and engaging experience. 

They roll out services like Scalp Futures Trades, giving you the inside track for sharp moves on various exchanges. Then there’s Swing Spot Trades, where they hit you up with smart signals to buy low and sell high. And don’t miss out on the Platinum Club Trades and Videos – your ticket to levelling up your trading skills.

Need a place to discuss crypto strategies? They’ve got you covered with a dedicated chat. Want premium signals? VIP channels are at your service. Feeling lost? Personal support is just a message away.

Plans start at $99 for a month and $999 for a year. While it may be a tad pricier than AltSignals, Verified Crypto Traders proudly stands among the top trading crews, delivering value that matches its elite status.

Altcenter Signals

Alright, now we have Altcenter Signals. They’ve been operating for over five years, and they help traders at every level.  All the tools you need to make a splash in the market is just a click away. No need to drown yourself in research or play fortune teller; Altcenter Signals has your back, making the whole trading simple and easy.

These pros aren’t just talk— they’ve earned their stripes with a whopping 39K subscribers, firing out more than 4956 signals over the past four years. And get this, they’ve got an 84% retention rate. Once you dip your toes into their service, you might just decide to ride the crypto wave with them for the long haul. 


Learn2Trade  is your ticket to up to 5 precise and money-making signals every day. Dive into the world of Forex and Crypto Signals hassle-free, with daily tech analysis and trading tips to boot. Join a bustling community of over 70,000 active traders and catch real-time alerts through Telegram. 

They’ve got a slick copy trading service – the L2T Algo automatically does the heavy lifting, opening and closing trades. Expect highly profitable signals with minimal risk, and they’re trading 24/7. Set up in 10 minutes and have some sweet advantages (manual included!). 

With a stellar 79% success rate, get the benefit of up to 70 trades per month, with more than five pairs up for grabs. 

Kucoin Hotbit Crypto Pump Signals

For those seeking top-notch crypto pump signals, next on our list is Kucoin Hotbit Crypto Pump Signals. They deliver the ultimate cryptocurrency coin pumps on Binance, Kucoin, and Hotbit, making crypto trading a breeze and highly lucrative. 

With a team boasting over +10,000 $BTC, they’re well-prepared for the pumps. It’s a recommendation to join their VIP channel for a profitable and straightforward crypto trading experience. 

Mike’s Premium Signals 

Lastly,Mike’s Premium Signals stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking reliable crypto signals, catering to beginners and seasoned traders alike. Safetrading’s endorsement solidifies its position as a competitive crypto signal market leader. This Telegram channel specializes in predicting altcoin prices, extending its services beyond the realm of BTC. 

The bustling free channel, boasting over 23,500 subscribers, serves as a vibrant hub for market discussions, offering a wealth of information at no cost. It’s an ideal starting point for those wanting to dip their toes in crypto trading before considering the premium subscription.

Mike’s Premium Signals also has signals derived from precise technical analysis, sparing users from unnecessary details. The free crypto signals Telegram channel also offers a trust investment management service, allowing users to have their funds professionally managed for optimal investment outcomes.


When it comes to diving into the crypto game, play it smart. Do your part, check the facts, and base your moves on solid analysis. Steering clear of those pump-and-dump groups is usually a good call. Remember, it’s not just about making money; it’s about making it the right way.

In the crypto world, quick gains might seem tempting, but it’s essential to prioritize ethical and sustainable practices over short-term profits. Many pump-and-dump groups operate on the fringes of legality and can expose participants to significant financial risks. Instead of chasing quick wins, consider aligning with communities and platforms that focus on transparency, education, and responsible trading practices.


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