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Everything You Need to Know about Crypto Pump and Dump Groups

The alluring world of cryptocurrency comes with inherent risks, and one particularly nefarious practice is the use of pump-and-dump groups. These groups, often operating on platforms like Discord and Telegram, orchestrate coordinated efforts to manipulate the price of specific cryptocurrencies for personal gain, leaving unsuspecting investors with significant losses.

How do they work?

  1. Target Selection: Group leaders choose a low-liquidity, easily manipulated cryptocurrency.
  2. Hype and Propaganda: False information and promises of high returns are spread to attract investors.
  3. Coordinated Buying: Members simultaneously buy the chosen coin, creating an artificial price surge.
  4. The Dump: Leaders sell their holdings at an inflated price, causing the price to plummet.
  5. Profits and Losses: Leaders pocket the profits while latecomers suffer financial losses.

Red Flags to Watch Out For:

  • Guaranteed profits and unrealistic returns
  • Pressure to buy quickly and in large quantities
  • Negative or critical information is censored or discouraged
  • Secretive or anonymous leadership
  • Focus on low-liquidity, obscure coins


Remember: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By staying informed and vigilant, you can protect yourself from the manipulative tactics of pump-and-dump groups and make sound investment decisions in the exciting but often risky world of cryptocurrency.

But hold on, do you know that there’s a way to use this to maximize your trading potential?

Empowering Traders with Crypto Pump-and-Dump Signals


Crypto pump-and-dump groups are riskier than traditional trading groups when it comes to the likelihood of losing money. However, we don’t want to discourage you completely from joining such groups. There’s a chance to earn profits, but it’s important to have good money management skills and understand that the risk involved is extremely high.

These signals give information about when the prices of certain cryptocurrencies might go up (pump) or down (dump). When traders subscribe to these signals, they get real-time updates and insights that can help them make smarter trading choices.

The goal of these signals is to find cryptocurrencies that are being artificially boosted (pumped) by people buying them together. The idea is to sell them quickly (dump) at a higher price. While joining pump and dump groups can be risky, some traders think the signals are useful for making money from short-term price changes.


Best Crypto Pump-and-Dump Groups Telegram with goSafire


goSafire presents some of the best crypto pump-and-dump groups that can help you gain more than you lose. But again, remember that good research risk management is key.

These groups are meticulously chosen by professionals who examine market patterns and identify potential pumps, providing consumers with a competitive advantage over other traders. Furthermore, goSafire promotes openness by giving real-time data on pump and dump activity, allowing consumers to make informed judgments. For starters, this list eliminates the need to actively look for trustworthy pump and dump groups because goSafire handpicks just the most trustworthy ones for you.

Here are some of them:

Sharks in Pump

Sharks in Pump stands out as one of the biggest crypto-focused telegram groups, boasting a following of over 26.6k members. They roll out weekly pump-and-dump signals for Binance and Huobi. While a few signals are complimentary, those in the VIP crew who’ve paid up get treated to 5-10 signals known for their impressive success rate.

Big Pump Binance

Big Pump Binance is the real deal, the only crew with actual whales running the show. The crypto scene is all hyped up about the upcoming Crypto Surge – you know, those moments that bring in big bucks. You won’t catch anyone else getting close to the trading action they bring in their pumps.

This crypto pump-and-dump group is making waves on Binance, Kucoin, Mexc, and Bybit – they’re hitting all the hotspots. And get this: their Telegram crew is rocking a solid 116.8k members.

That’s a legit crowd, right? But their crypto pump-and-dump signals game is on fire, boasting a crazy 99% accuracy. So keep your ears to the ground, turn on those notifications, and stay in the loop with Big Pumps Binance. They’ve got the lowdown on all the pump and dump alerts.

Wall Street Gems

Let me put you on Wall Street Gems all the way from Washington, DC. They operate on Binance, Kucoin, and Mexc, so you know they’re playing with the big people. If you jump into their Telegram world, you’ll find 83.4k subscribers—that’s a legit squad right there. They’re not claiming to be perfect, but their pump-and-dump signal game hits an impressive 84% accuracy.

With the market catching some serious vibes, it’s prime time for the next Mega Pump fiesta, promising returns that can shoot up to a crazy 500% or more.

Heads up – if you’re all about the market game, keep those notifications on high alert for their channel. They’ve got some real updates coming your way real soon.

Bitcoin Bullets

We’ve got Bitcoin Bullets on the list, straight out of Moscow. This crypto pump-and-dump group is playing the game on Binance and Kucoin.

Imagine rolling with a whopping Telegram 50k subscribers. When it comes to their pump-and-dump, Bitcoin Bullets is hitting the mark with an impressive 87% accuracy. Bitcoin Bullets ain’t your usual crypto pump-and-dump group – what sets them apart is they’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re a total “noob” or a “hedge fund manager” in the making.

The daily analysis and market update by itself far outperforms the majority of other trading channels on Telegram in terms of structure.

Continue reading the full list of these groups here.


How does a pump-and-dump scheme work?

  • Step 1: Accumulation: Perpetrators buy large quantities of a cheap asset.
  • Step 2: Hype Creation: They spread false or misleading information to inflate interest.
  • Step 3: Price Increase: New investors drive the price up.
  • Step 4: Dump: Perpetrators sell their holdings at a profit.
  • Step 5: Price Crash: With no real value increase, the price plummets, harming late investors.

How can I identify a pump-and-dump scheme?

Identifying a pump and dump scheme can be challenging. However, there are several warning signs to be aware of. 

These include sudden and unjustified price increases, excessive promotion and hype on social media or online forums, unsolicited investment advice from unfamiliar sources, and a lack of fundamental analysis or reliable financial information about the asset. 

Are all sudden price movements signs of a pump-and-dump scheme?

Not all sudden price movements indicate a pump-and-dump scheme. Financial markets can be highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly due to various factors, including market sentiment, news events, and economic conditions. 

It’s essential to differentiate between legitimate market movements and suspicious activities associated with pump-and-dump schemes. 

How do pump-and-dump crypto groups operate?

Pump-and-dump groups usually follow a coordinated strategy. The group’s organizers or leaders select a specific cryptocurrency to pump. They set a specific time and date for the pump, which is typically communicated to the group members through Telegram.

At the designated time, the group members simultaneously start buying the selected cryptocurrency, artificially increasing demand and driving up the price. Once the price reaches a desirable level, the organizers and some early participants sell their holdings, causing the price to crash. 

How can I identify pump and dump crypto groups on Telegram?

Identifying pump-and-dump crypto groups can be challenging since they often operate under various disguises. However, there are some common characteristics to watch out for:

  1. Promises of quick and substantial profits
  2. Urgency and time-sensitive information
  3. Closed or private groups
  4. Coordinated messaging
  5. Lack of fundamental analysis

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