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New to crypto trading? Feeling overwhelmed by all the ups and downs? Fat Pig Signals can help!

Fat Pig Signals started in 2016 as a group of crypto enthusiasts sharing daily market analysis. They’ve grown into a comprehensive resource for new and experienced traders alike. Here’s what they offer:


  • Daily Trading Signals: Get clear buy and sell recommendations, saving you time on complex market analysis.
  • Live Market Updates: Stay informed with daily reports, a live YouTube stream, and a thriving Telegram community.
  • Free & Premium Resources: Access their free Telegram group or upgrade to their VIP service for in-depth analysis and portfolio-building recommendations.

Their team of experts spends hours analyzing the market to provide you with daily trading signals. These signals tell you exactly what coins to buy or sell, saving you time and effort. Plus, they offer a free Telegram group with over 64,000 members for crypto updates and insights.


What Users Are Saying About Fat Pigs Signals

  • High-Quality Signals: They provide clear and accurate buy/sell recommendations, focusing on quality over quantity (especially in their VIP channel).
  • Diverse Coverage: They offer insights on established players like Ethereum and promising altcoins with growth potential.
  • Airdrop Opportunities: They keep members informed about projects with valuable airdrops.
  • Risk Management: They emphasize capital preservation during market downturns and incorporate calculated risks into their signals.
  • Supportive Community: They offer a dedicated chat channel for members to discuss the market and a free Telegram group for basic updates.

Get clear daily trading signals, stay informed with live updates, and access valuable resources.

Free & Premium Options Available!  See what Fat Pig Signals can do for you.



3 month subscription

$900 / 3 months

6 month subscription

$1350 / 6 months

1 year subscription

$ 2250 /year

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Technical Analysis

Fat Pig Signals has garnered a well-deserved reputation in the cryptocurrency trading community thanks to their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional support, comprehensive education, meticulous technical analysis, and unmatched accuracy. Traders of all levels can benefit from their outstanding services and expertise.

Regarding support, Fat Pig Signals goes above and beyond to assist its community. Their dedicated team is always ready to address queries, offer guidance, and provide valuable insights. Whether a beginner seeking to understand the basics or an experienced trader looking for advanced strategies, their support ensures you have the necessary resources for success.

Education is a crucial pillar of Fat Pig Signals’ approach. They believe that knowledge empowers traders to make informed decisions. Through their extensive educational resources, including beginner-friendly guides and in-depth analysis of advanced trading strategies, they equip traders with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency trading.

Technical analysis is at the core of Fat Pig Signals’ success. Their team of experts possesses a deep understanding of market trends, utilizing advanced techniques to analyze charts, patterns, and indicators. With their meticulous approach, they identify potential trading opportunities and provide accurate signals, enabling traders to confidently make well-informed decisions.

Accuracy is the hallmark of Fat Pig Signals’ service. Their commitment to delivering reliable signals sets them apart. By leveraging their comprehensive technical analysis and expertise, they consistently provide accurate predictions, helping traders maximize their gains and minimize risks. The trust and confidence placed in Fat Pig Signals are a testament to their unparalleled accuracy.

In conclusion, Fat Pig Signals is a premier choice for cryptocurrency traders seeking unparalleled support, comprehensive education, advanced technical analysis, and unmatched accuracy. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart in the industry, enabling traders to unlock their full potential and succeed in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

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