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Bitcoin Bullets has gained a lot of popularity as one of the top trading signal channels, and for good reason. Their team is dedicated and supportive, and they have one of the highest accuracy ratings in the market, which has been verified. This makes them one of the most active and profitable signal providers out there.


Bitcoin Bullets Signals
Bitcoin Bullets Signals


They mainly focus on leveraged and spot trading on platforms like Binance and Bybit, where they execute most of their signals. While they provide fewer signals per day compared to some other channels (about 1-2 signals), their accuracy rating more than makes up for it. Currently, their accuracy rating is over 90%, which means that most of their predictions turn out to be correct. Their daily analysis and market updates are also superior to many other trading channels on Telegram.


Bitcoin Bullets Signals
Bitcoin Bullets Signals


What sets Bitcoin Bullets apart is that they cater to traders of all levels of expertise. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced hedge fund manager, they have services designed for you. They have a unique ladder approach that allows for a seamless transition from any level of expertise to the top. This means that they can help you improve your trading skills and reach a high level of expertise in a relatively short amount of time compared to other resources available in the market.


Bitcoin Bullets Signals
Bitcoin Bullets Signals


Bitcoin Bullets Top Features:

  • High accuracy (Over 90%)
  • Short, Mid and Long term trades
  • Team of highly professional traders, analysts and investors
  • Daily market analysis (for both free and VIP members)
  • Daily scalping levels (VIP)
  • News available before general outlets
  • Highly responsive customer support


Overall, Bitcoin Bullets is highly regarded for their dedication, support, accuracy, and their ability to cater to traders of all levels.


Bitcoin Bullet Signals
Bitcoin Bullet Signals



1 month subscription

240$ / 1 month

3 month subscription

340$ / 3 months


500$ / Lifetime

Basic info

Live trading
Auto trading
Margin tradings
Trust Management


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