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Trade Your Way to the Top with Darwinex

At Darwinex, your success as a trader is your ultimate goal. They operate on a win-win model where your profitability benefits everyone.


Execute trades on a variety of assets, including stocks, futures, ETFs, forex, and OTC products, using either our platform or your existing Interactive Brokers account. You can even import your past performance from other platforms.


Get a Boost with Seed Capital


Each month, DarwinIA identifies the most promising strategies and allocates seed capital for them. You’ll keep 15% of the profits generated on this allocated capital. (This program requires a DARWIN type account.)


They connect your strategies with potential investors, both professional and retail. They can invest in your strategy from the start and share in the profits you generate.


Take it to the Next Level with Darwinex Pro


Their Hedge Fund as a Service package offers a white-label platform, regulatory support, and customizable solutions.


Attract investors with their expertise in forex, stocks, ETFs, commodities, and indices, all offered in CFD format. Leverage our ultra-fast execution, tight interbank spreads (starting from 0 pips), and exclusive discounts for top traders.


OTC Offerings

Trade stocks, futures, and ETFs through your existing Interactive Brokers account while attracting seed capital and third-party investment via Darwinex. Enjoy the best of both worlds: IBKR’s trading conditions and our exceptional customer service, all with no additional paperwork or fees.

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