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Trezor is a company dedicated to innovation in the crypto space. Founded in 2013, they were pioneers in the hardware wallet industry. 


Their commitment to security extends beyond the Model T with the introduction of Trezor Safe 3, the next generation of hardware wallets with enhanced protection. 


Unmatched Security:


  • Trezor Model T utilizes a secure element (SE) chip, similar to Ledger Nano S Plus, to isolate your private keys.
  • Add PIN protection and optional 2FA for extra defense.


Effortless User Experience:


  • Enjoy an intuitive touchscreen interface, widely considered easier to navigate than Ledger Nano S Plus’s buttons.
  • The larger screen offers superior visibility compared to Ledger Nano S Plus.


Advanced Recovery and Control:


  • Trezor’s Shamir Backup lets you split your recovery seed for added security. If you lose your hardware wallet, you can still recover your funds.
  • Enable multi-signature support for shared control over your Bitcoin. This is ideal for high-value accounts or extra security.


Open-source Transparency:


  • Trezor’s open-source firmware allows independent security audits by the community, potentially leading to a more secure system overall.


The Model T is larger and slightly bulkier than the Ledger Nano S Plus. It’s also pricier, but the touchscreen interface and advanced features may be worth the investment for some users.


Trezor offers a complete ecosystem with their Trezor Suite app, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrencies easily and securely. 


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