All You Need To Know About the goSafire Gold Badge

28. March, 2023

All You Need To Know About the goSafire Gold Badge

The Gold Badge from goSafire is the entry-level badge representing reliability and essential service quality in signal provision. This badge is awarded to signal providers who have met our fundamental criteria and demonstrated satisfactory service.

To qualify for the Gold Badge, a signal provider must:

  1. Be operational and active for at least three months.
  2. Maintain a consistent online presence across social networks.
  3. Provide regular and timely signals to their users.
  4. Have a transparent and reasonable pricing structure (if applicable).
  5. Offer sufficient support and assistance to their users.

In addition to these requirements, we also conduct an initial assessment, which involves:

  1. Checking the creation date and activity level of the provider’s social networks.
  2. Requesting access to the channel to evaluate the frequency and quality of the signals.
  3. Assessing the transparency and fairness of their pricing model.

The awarded Gold Badge is not permanent. The performance and reliability of the badge holder are re-evaluated every three months, ensuring they continue to meet the necessary standards. If the performance is not up to the mark, the badge could be revoked or, with improved performance, upgraded to the Platinum Badge.

Earning the Gold Badge from goSafire as a signal provider can boost your credibility and help you attract more users. This badge represents reliability and basic service quality. Here’s a detailed explanation of how you can earn the Gold Badge.

  1. First, your signal service must be active and operational for at least three months. This ensures that you have a solid operational record and can provide consistent services. We also look at the consistency of your online presence across various social networks. A well-maintained and regularly updated social presence gives users confidence in your signal service.
  2. Secondly, your service should provide regular and timely signals. The frequency of signals and the accuracy of the information provided will be assessed to ensure that users can benefit from your service.
  3. Thirdly, you should have a transparent and reasonable pricing structure if your service is paid. This means no hidden charges, and the fees should be commensurate with the services provided.
  4. Finally, customer service plays a significant role. A signal provider should offer sufficient support and assistance to their users, answering questions, solving problems, and ensuring users can make the most of the signals provided.

We will request access to your channel and conduct a preliminary assessment, which includes evaluating your social media presence, the frequency and quality of signals, and the transparency of your pricing model.

Once you meet these requirements, you will be awarded the Gold Badge, which is re-evaluated every three months to ensure continued performance and reliability. This ongoing process means you will need to maintain your service quality, but it also offers the opportunity to advance to the Platinum Badge with improved performance.

How can you profit from the Gold Badge? 

Earning the Gold Badge from goSafire provides numerous benefits to signal providers, their existing users, and potential new users.

  1. Enhanced Credibility: The Gold Badge symbolizes reliability and service quality. When a signal provider is adorned with this badge, it shows they’ve met a goSafire standard. This boosts their credibility in the eyes of their existing and potential users, making them more likely to trust and use their services.
  2. Increased Visibility: Signal providers with the Gold Badge will be listed on the goSafire platform, increasing their visibility to traders actively seeking reliable signal services. This visibility can attract new users and expand the signal provider’s customer base.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Since the badge is re-evaluated every three months, it encourages signal providers to maintain and even improve the quality of their service. This not only helps to retain the badge but also enhances the satisfaction of their users, potentially leading to increased user retention and positive word-of-mouth.
  4. Trust-building: The Gold Badge is a beacon of trust in the often uncertain world of crypto and forex trading. Users are more likely to subscribe to or follow a signal provider that has been independently reviewed and recognized for its reliability and service quality.
  5. Path to Higher Recognition: The Gold Badge is the first step in goSafire’s tiered badge system. Earning it puts the signal provider on the path to higher recognition, such as the Platinum and Sapphire badges. These higher badges signify even greater reliability and service quality, further benefiting.

In summary, the Gold Badge is not just a symbol but a tool that can help signal providers enhance their credibility, increase their visibility, and ultimately grow their user base.

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